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4 Day Workshop - Deposit

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Sale ended
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$ 1,000.00
4 Day Workshop - Final Payment

Final Payment due 30 days before the workshop

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$ 1,945.00

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Join the emmy-award winning Stillmotion team as they travel through Australia this July, 2015 for Storytelling With Heart and the 2 EVO Experiences.


The EVO Experience is the ultimate filmmaking intensive. Craft a story for a local non-profit in just 3 days. 

It's often been said "When I hear, I forget. When I see, I remember. And when I do, I understand." EVO is the most experiential workshop in our industry, offering you the opportunity to chase down a story with the Stillmotion team. 

You'll go through every step of production - research, producing, directing, shooting, editing, and delivery - in a small group with Patrick and Joyce of Stillmotion. 

It's the ultimate way to dive in and learn from the inside out. Plus, we work with some of the best and most-inspiring non-profits out there so you can be sure that the film you create is one you care about and will really help those you're making it for. There is nothing like a real story to maximize the inspiration and drive.

As The EVO Experience will guide you through every part of the MUSE storytelling process in bringing your film to life, all attendees will also need to attend Storytelling With Heart to ensure we can dive right into filmmaking from day one.

Stillmotion provides all of the gear needed. Bring your passion, an open mind, and strap on your seat-belt.


Only 12 spots available.


3 Day EVO Experience Hands On Workshop $2,945.00 (normally US$3500) - This includes Storytelling with Heart Seminar 6th July, 3 Day EVO experience 7th - 9th July. (4 days in total) A deposit of $1000 is due when registering then you will have a one-on-one with a Stillmotion instructor to make sure this is workshop is for you.  The final installment will be due 30 days prior the workshop.

Story telling with heart – day 1 will be at Eleven40 gallery, 1140 Malvern Road, Malvern.

EVO Melbourne day 2 –4 will be at New McPherson 66 Sackville St, Collingwood VIC 3066

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What EVO accomplishes is way beyond anything you could experience in other workshops or through online training! EVO is all about "story". After you finish EVO, this simple word becomes vocabulary, in ways that affect every single decision you have to make! 

The greatest gift that EVO gave me was "confidence". Without this key element, you can't go into a meeting with a client, and talk about their production in a meaningful way. When the pressure is on on a commercial shoot, you are the one that has to make the right call. When there's a problem or something's going wrong, you have to be prepared to deal with it confidently. This is what EVO gave me and this is why those few days on the workshop will touch every delegates life as a filmmaker. 


As a self-taught filmmaker, the week I spent at EVO has been the most significant and important thing I've done to improve and enhance my storytelling skills. What I learned at EVO has transformed my approach to storytelling, which has opened doors to capture compelling stories across Latin America.
-Matt Love


Attending EVO was by far the most amazing four days of my life.  The hands-on experience and challenges I faced at EVO have trained to be successful both in the field and in post-production.  I hear Patrick’s voice yelling “story-story-story” in my head as I make decisions during the entire filming processing from meeting with a client to delivering the film. Learning and implementing Stillmotion’s storytelling philosophy has changed the trajectory of my business.  I went from a photographer interested in incorporating videos into my business to a full time video production company telling compelling stories though film.  Experiencing EVO was money and time (and lack of sleep) well spent and the best investment I have made in my business to date.
-Noelle Herring


EVO was seriously one of the most memorable weeks of my life.